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12 June 2008

Cherries on Tin

Oil on board 5x7 $75 + s/h

I was house sitting for friends and spent the days painting the sea and coves. When the weather turned stormy and I had to stay indoors I tossed five cherries onto this cookie sheet with its beautiful patina from 30 years of baking. We all have one, don't we? Then the sun came out just in time to light them up before it set. Luck.

07 June 2008

Three Pears at a Time

Oil on board 6x6in. $75 + s/h

Bosc pears are so delicious. But their plainness makes me wonder if they are passed over on the produce display. How can they hope to attract a buyer compared with the green and burgundy of their cousins? I think the person who decided on these blue and white labels was brilliant. Chilean pears with a Chinese spinoff of a Delft Clock.