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12 December 2009


From my head as I remembered the view from the Dolphin Cabina in Bocas del Toro, Panama.
We had a good snow on Wednesday. 68+ mph winds. We had to use the generator for a while. Seemed like a perfect time to post this one. haha

10 December 2009


Sage 9x12" Oil

Another portrait using a quick b/w sketch for a reference. Playing with skin tones, values, temperature. At times I had to really just go for it, not having a model in front of me. Fun.

07 December 2009

Day's End

We had our official first snow on Saturday. It was very late this year so one might imagine that I was ready. Alas. My snow tire appointment is tomorrow morning. So it seems odd to be posting this one. My blogging friends in FL may not understand. haha.
I tried to stay true to the values in this one and really underplay hue. Except for that strip of green marsh grass. I couldn't stop myself. As the boat was coming in from Ipswich bay, the sail glowed with the warm, last rays of the sun. That was my priority. I'm not sure how well it worked. What do you see?

03 December 2009

Straightening with Fun Tack

Posted by PicasaMore views of my solo show at the Spiral Press Cafe.

I've been squirming about how crooked the paintings had become so this morning I drove to the hardware store where a helpful gentleman directed me to "Fun Tack" in the little stationary section. Off to the cafe with it and a small level.
It was fun to putter around as the cafe wasn't too crowded and there were a few artists there who introduced themselves and commented on different, favorite pieces. I was pleased to hear Phyllis, a local artist, bring up the psychological element of my two "figures on the beach" paintings. To me it signaled that she had really looked at the paintings. More than glanced. Ahhhh.
And another artist had been strolling around the cafe, coffee in hand. When we introduced ourselves he admitted, "I'm taking lessons from you this morning." The effect of the kindness of strangers simply cannot be overrated. Thank you all. And to remain humble I should also say that last week one of the cafe patrons told my friend that the work was all junk and he had much better stuff for sale. He was a mite embarrassed when I introduced myself............. but it's okay. To each his own. :)

01 December 2009

DSB at the Spiral Press Cafe

The Spiral Press Cafe 11/18 - 12/31/09

The show is up on those colorful walls. I hope these large files don't crash everyone's computers.
What do you use to keep the paintings from shifting? I haven't found the little silicone dots. Maybe at a hardware store? Staples? We are so out in the boonies.