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28 January 2009

Titling work

I am the first to admit that I am not an organized person. Last year these two paintings sold from a gallery. One was named "February Life". The other "Spring Soon". Unfortunately, I titled them as I stood in the gallery. And when I got home it didn't occur to me to go into my computer files to label them. So, which is which? Any idea? Do you think I have since figured out a more organized way to record things?

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25 January 2009

A Capella

Oil pastel 9X12
I'm always puzzled when I hear artists speak disparagingly of oil pastels. "They're just crayons". Yes, I've heard this more than once. It must be a mantra repeated at Pastel Society conferences.
I repeated it to my friend Mary Armstrong, oil pastelist extraordinaire,
and she laughed, too. "They were developed by Sennelier in collaboration with Picasso. And anyway who cares if they're like crayons? What's wrong with crayons?"
Honk your horn or clap your hands at 3:45pm EST on 1/31/09 if you love crayons.

21 January 2009

Wingaersheek Sandbar

Oil on Canvas 5x7

With temps hovering around 0 for a week, I decided it was time to finish this one. Started last July, it didn't hold my interest because I hadn't an idea of what it meant to me. By January, it became clearer. I loosened it up and infused it with wind and warmth. All the happy people, delighting in the low tide sandbar's invitation to just walk out a little farther....... no worries. You can make out the lifeguard's red flotation tube way over on the right.

20 January 2009

The Two Second Escape

Samara Oil on Canvas 14X18

Happy Inauguration Day!
I don't have anything current ready for posting, so thought I'd give you all a little Central American vacation with an older work. : ) Don't get sunburned.

18 January 2009

I'm no photographer

Oil on Linen 6x6 N/A
I think I tried everything. Every angle, all kinds of light. Maybe some paintings are camera shy.
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16 January 2009

Alstromeria in Blizzy's Gift

Oil on Linen 6x6

Really knew better than to start this painting yesterday as it was getting dark. When I came back this morning some of the buds had opened. : ) This glass is part of a set that I have LOVED since my wedding. When my friends gave them to us, they said it was okay to exchange them, knowing my habit. Glad I kept them. They add a warm glow to the table set for guests.

15 January 2009

Not Rosemary

Charcoal Drawing 14x18

It was pretty cold last night, but all the more reason to go to the life drawing session that meets on Wednesday nights. Started and nurtured by the Toraks (check out their blogs) for many years, the event becomes a lifeline when winter is big. So, I'm calling this "Not Rosemary" because it doesn't look like her. And yet, I was pleased with the 22 minute sketch. I think I spent the first 5 minutes just marking the paper with charcoal and immediately wiping it off. Trying not to have an inferiority attack because I was sitting right beside Elizabeth. Finally, I enjoyed listening to the sounds of our pencil and charcoal scratching out their duet.

13 January 2009

Arch Cape, OR

Oil on Canvas 14x18 SOLD

I have two small paintings on the easel that I want to get back to today, so I searched my files for something to post and found this.

12 January 2009

Three Gala on Wood

Oil on Board 5x7 n/a

This one is from a while back. I'm picking it up this week from a gallery where it has been vacationing during Bush's Global Economic Collapse. Thanks for looking! Love to hear from you. (That's why I made a political comment.)

11 January 2009

Lemons in Faience Luneville

Oil on canvas 5x7 SOLD

I just realized that the photo color is off. The bowl is much more ultramarine in the painting as in still life. Just tip your monitor away from you (or if you have a stationary monitor slouch waayyy down).

10 January 2009

Lemons and Calyx Sugarbowl

Oil on Canvas 5x7 SOLD

How long do lemons last unrefrigerated? Sugarbowls last a long time. This one was given to me by my mother-in-law who has generously contributed to my embarrassingly large assortment of china and pottery. It all began when I was a child and was attracted by a set of Italian cake plates that my parents had received as wedding gifts. I'll have to include one in a painting. Then we had a wonderful set of everyday plates with handpainted-looking green edges and apples in the center. Do you love plates?

09 January 2009


"A Morning with Kerr" Oil on canvas 11x14

This small dock has hosted constant activity and joy over the years. My stepdaughter, the blond on the left, spent her childhood catching flounder(I think) and crabs. My daughter and her cousins and friends did the same, although the flounder are long gone. Now my grandsons watch by the hour for the crabs to catch onto the baited hook, captives for the day. So, imagine my humble pleasure when the older of the two boys chose to spend the morning painting his view of the scene as I painted mine. At the end, I asked him to go to the top of the ramp so that I could include him. He is wearing very cool sunglasses.

08 January 2009

Onions, squash

Elizabeth's Onions Oil on linen 12x16

E's Onions + 1 SOLD
Oil on canvas 5x7

This was inspiring. After years of gardening, I hadn't taken the time to figure out how to grow onions. That will change in the coming season. If anyone has pointers to share with me, please leave a comment. I have put a few sets in across the gateway to deter bunnies and it seems to work. But the thought of a few varieties is pretty appealing.

07 January 2009

Artist's Block

Becoming bored with my studio avoidance over the past few weeks, I decided to invite some guests. You know how that tends to energize things. Paul Cezanne's Nature Morte, and Edward Potthast's At the Beach were exciting to study and copy. They have helped me get out of my own way. It's color, value, shape, place. Any order.

oil on canvas 5x7

06 January 2009

Gershten & McCarthy

Oil on Linen 14x18

Started with midwinter dreaming of warmer places. Remembering books about same. Wanting to include an old peeling-paint window. A glass hot pepper, a wishbone, and pomegranate juice waiting for a slice of lime.

05 January 2009

Sunlit Sunkist

oil on something. 5x7

In an ideal world I might subscribe to the "eat local" philosophy that began at least 20 years ago. In that ideal world I'd be spending the winter in a place that supports the growth of oranges. Until then, hooray for trucking.