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21 July 2010


The long awaited portrait pleases the subject. Phew.

Maggie 18x24 Oil on Linen

It's satisfying to deliver the finished commissioned work. This painting was so much fun to do. I love challenges. If they don't happen on their own, I'll create them. We wanted this painting to include items from the family summer home. Wicker sofa, red begonia, art on the wall.
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10 July 2010

Friday Morning SOLD

Friday Morning 12x12 Oil on Linen

Untitled (circa 1990?) 9x12 acrylic on warped Fredrix canvasboard

When I started making the transition from choreographer/dancer back to painter twenty years ago, the lower image was one of a few paintings I did of the shed/clothesline in our back yard. It vied with a view to the north for my personal Motif #1. As you can see, I was determined to include every angel head nail in my painting.

Carol Marine commented that when she felt she was at a fork in her development of style, she chose to eschew realism for a looser, more expressive style because she found that more challenging.
Her explanation really hit home for me. It is a struggle to resist becoming enslaved by what's there in front of you, and find the essence.
The top image 'Friday Morning' painting is silent poetry. An ode to the less-than-majestic sights that bring happiness. Kind of zen. Be Here Now.
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07 July 2010


The View East 6x6 Oil on Board SOLD

My friend, Dona M., has loaned me a book by Lois Griffel. She writes about colorist vs. tonalist approaches to creating form, distance, etc. First attempt here. I used palette knife and paper towels.
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