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10 October 2009

Sailing Class

Sailing Class 12x16 Oil

Okay, this is one I did en plein air in August. Young sailors heading back through the channel to the cove where the boats are kept. Thanks for looking!

05 October 2009

Building a series

Moving along on the second painting of the 3 boats. Above is the second progress shot. The first was on Oct 2. On this painting I used photos instead of an oil study. It certainly sent my work in a more detailed direction. Fine. I was ambivalent about key. Darker or lighter, darker or lighter. Sometimes it's tough to stick to my decisions. I'm sort of an I Ching painter. John Cage and Merce Cunningham influenced my choreographer identity. This boat series is drawing from those days. Positioning the shapes in space. All day and night, these boats are moving, changing direction, sustaining tension against their mooring lines, rocking with the passing wakes, responding to wind and tide.
This is the third shot in progress. Thanks for stopping by.

04 October 2009

Large Mac

5x7 Oil

I think it's pretty bewildering that I find it more challenging to paint apples and onions now than I did 2 years ago. Maybe it makes perfect sense. I see more.

03 October 2009


5x7 oil

Oops. This turned out in a smaller size than usual on the blog. I was revisiting the stems that so captivated my attention last winter. I used natural light here and, unfortunately, it came from a few directions. I think I'll get my black box out and try another with a little more control of the light.

02 October 2009

Ascending Sun, Returning Tide done

Oil on REALLY coarse linen. At first I wondered if the texture was too much as I'm generally not too generous with the paint. But, I like the texture quite a lot. 30x36

These boats turn so much with the tides and the shadows change so much with the hours, I wanted to do another. Below is the first progress shot of Fan Out. More tomorrow.

01 October 2009

Progressing on ASRT

This is what's fun about painting. Look at those gorgeous blues! I really missed the cad yellow deep background as I was painting so threw it on wherever I could. I also grabbed a large canvas and toned it CYD for a future effort. I really liked the bulky, lumpy look I had going with the boats on the study (see yesterday's post), so tried to retain that while the funny voice in my head yelled and whined about accuracy. I think this way one gets the feeling of swells. What do you think?