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30 April 2009

Sarah with a Seashell

Oil on linen 12x16

She was a great model for this challenge. And an interesting soul. Traveling, creating art, plunking down for a spell at various art communities. This second portrait gave her a little of the youth back that I had stolen from her in yesterday's portrait (see previous post).

Thanks for looking.

28 April 2009

Greetings from retreat

Yesterday morning I had breakfast dish duty here at the Vermont Studio Center, so I didn't try to take my paints to life drawing. Our model was still but had a hard time keeping his eyes open as you can see. This morning I brought my paints in before dish duty so was able to start painting the figure. The first one, of Steve standing, cannot be shown. Ick. But I decided to simplify and just do his portrait next. There he his with eyes wide open. The portrait of Sarah was done this afternoon. First I did a pencil drawing of full figure, then grabbed the paintbrushes to do a portrait, about 1 1/2 hours. At first it was truly terrifying but past the halfway mark it started to come together and actually began to resemble her. Today was better. And I'm all done with dish duty. Hooray.

26 April 2009

Cripple Cove, E. Gloucester, MA

6x8 oil on canvas

Today I'm driving to Johnson, VT for my much anticipated retreat week of drawing and painting. Yesterday it was so warm and lovely in south central VT, I hope Johnson isn't too far behind us, season wise. Apparently, it may be too bothersome to connect to the internet but I will try to post a couple of times. Thanks for looking.

23 April 2009

Hens on the Loose

Oil on Linen 6x6 SOLD

Another quick one of the neighbor hens. I kind of miss the red chicken coop (aka woodshed). She now has 6 more chickens of a different variety so I have my work cut out for me, I guess.

Thanks for your comments!

22 April 2009

Sue's Black Australorps

Oil on Canvas 6X6 SOLD

My friend Sue received these fine hens from her husband for her birthday. Eat your hearts out, ladies everywhere. Fresh eggs every day. I have to say that painting this was a lot of fun and I have no idea why I've resisted painting chickens all these years. I also just hung two of my old bird feeders out yesterday and filled them with black oil sunflower seed. The finches are here already!
Enjoy the day.

21 April 2009

Still Seeking Loose

Top one is a progress shot. I think I'm making some progress with a less compulsive approach. Letting go of some control issues. : ) Having fun. Playing with colors. Dreaming of the sea.

Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.

Dolphin Cabina View 3 Oil on canvas 9X12

18 April 2009


Agua de Luna



On the left a fast laying in of shapes and values. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go. Or if I should have left it there. I think I will continue with this for a few days. I went back in this morning with a mind to add more contrast and applied DARK OVER LIGHT. egads. The art police will be along shortly.
I'm looking forward to my upcoming retreat week at the Vermont Studio Center for which I received a partial grant. I love that. I can't wait to have daily models.

Thanks for looking!

10 April 2009

Simeon Creek Crossing

Latest progress shot of Simeon Creek. This separates Manzanillo from the Gandoca Wildlife refuge and the Dolphin Education Center. I'm almost ready to call it a wrap. No hurry except that I fear overworking it.

In Progress-Simeon Creek Crossing

Another in progress. Began with orange toned canvas. Burnt Umber wash-in of the dark areas. I let that dry for a few days then washed in some blue sky, light sand and tree trunks and a light blue oxford button down shirt with the sleeve buttons missing. Just kidding. Sort of. That was an example of my struggle against detail. To ignore what my brain knows is there and just suggest shapes, etc.

08 April 2009

A Passion for Painting - Blog Award !!

The View Toward Manzanillo, CR Oil on Canvas 12x16 Finished I think.

I am the recipient of the coveted "Passion for Painting" blog award!! Thanks - Jill Berry. Now I get to choose 7 others who share this passion; as well as list 7 things I love...
The artist/bloggers that I suggest you check out are ---

Connie Chadwick - Very expressive work, mostly figurative. An inspiration to oil pastel artists.

Robin Cheers - Through thick and thin, paint. She captures the body language of contemplation.

Loriann Signori - In the midst of her obsession with painting, she finds time to encourage the rest of us. Her landscapes take my breath away. And she presents current challenges and less than hoped for results, as well.

Dona Friedman - Quietly working away on landscapes, barnscapes, animals on the porch. Beautiful feeling to her work.

Thomas Torak - Tom's paintings are beautifully rendered and full of life (even when still). The colors are incomparable. (He grinds his own.) And the commentary always amusing.

Elizabeth Torak - Really lovely work in varied subject matter. Not a frequent poster because she's PAINTING.

Steve Goodman - Another whose paintings urge me to simplify. I'm tempted to count his brushstrokes and set that as a challenge for myself. "6x6 in under 35 strokes" or something like that. And his point is made beautifully.

Seven things I love, in no particular order.
1. Courtesy (I'm woeful at this.)
2. Honesty
3. Generosity (From me, needs work.)
4. Family
5. Edy's Lime Popsicles
6. New paintbrushes
7. Friends

07 April 2009

in progress

I started this painting last week. First an overall tone of orange. Then burnt umber wash to the darker areas of the composition. Luckily I remembered that I wanted to photo the process before I got too much blue sky going.
In the second photo I think I went with the dark green next and then I broke with my usual method and applied the lightest value. Just to see what would happen. Sometimes I really like the painting best at this "barely begun" stage.

01 April 2009

Hammock w/ View

Oil on canvas 6x8
Our last day at Tesoro Escondido, I stood on the porch to paint this as I evaluated the snorkelabilty of the water. My hopes would go up as I kept my eye on the coral beds just past where the waves were breaking. I'd picture myself swimming along above the beds. Then suddenly a wave would break right there and I'd picture a snorkel full of water and scraping my legs against the rocks. So I kept painting.......

Thanks for looking.