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17 August 2008

After JLW, after FHL, after....

Oil on Linen 16x20

Thanks for looking


Melanie said...

Okay, I have to admit this is stunning. I like it very much.

dsb said...

Thank you, Melanie. I appreciate your comment.

Anonymous said...

hi mrs. blodget, i'm a good friend of casey's from college and i'm moving to gloucester in 3 weeks. casey sent me your website because im considering purchasing a painting from you at some point in the future. i am in love with the dancer painting thats hanging in casey and john's house. anyway, i wanted to let you know how beautiful i think this painting is. absolutely gorgeous. your work is amazing.


dsb said...

Thank you for liking my work and leaving a comment! Exciting to be moving to Gloucester. Have a good moving day. I still have two pieces hanging in the Annisquam Exchange, I think. Stop in to see them on a Saturday.