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10 October 2009

Sailing Class

Sailing Class 12x16 Oil

Okay, this is one I did en plein air in August. Young sailors heading back through the channel to the cove where the boats are kept. Thanks for looking!


Melanie Sherman said...

Looks like that second boat's sails are luffing. Two points to larboard and sheet it home.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

They are the teens in the sailing program at the AYC. I picture the sailor of the second boat trying to mess up the path for the young woman behind him. Or perhaps it's the young man in the third boat stealing the wind from the second boat. Or perhaps it's the wind wiggling the artist's easel..... I left the luff as a point of departure for the stories it might inspire. Thanks for the seafarin' comment, matey.

Melanie Sherman said...

Aaaaarrr, always glad to see the canvas spread before the wind.

Melanie Sherman said...

I liked this painting the first time I saw it, but I like it a little more each time I see it. I think that is the sign of an excellent painting.

jenku said...

I can't resist. Surely the two boats in the middle are about to tack are they not?

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Okay you two. Melanie and I took sailing lessons on Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA a loooonnnng time ago. I wasn't paying close attention to what they were about to do in the channel. But it does seem to me that when the wind wiggled my easel, the sails started to luff on my canvas and if I were making a movie instead of a painting, you may have seen them tack right away. In real life something else may have