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04 February 2010

More than two hours

Slope 6x6 oil on Raymar canvas panel

Kind of a small image, isn't it? This is why I stopped blogging. Since last July when hard drive crashed, NOTHING has been smooth with posting. And while I'm complaining, why does it take me more than two hours to get a good photo of a little painting that took less than two hours to paint? grrrrrrr.
So I guess I need to try harder. Or go skiing.


Melanie Sherman said...

I feeeeel your pain. It sometimes takes me three days to write 500 words. But, we cannot help it, can we? It is something within us. And I love seeing all your beautiful paintings. I like this one very much, even though it is small. It is a pleasure to see it.

But I must protest the word I must now type to post this comment: "blotypow"?

Nina Rochette said...

Pretty. When you come next time I'll try to work with you on photography. Maybe I can help in person since I can't on phone.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks Mel and Zippy,
Skiing was great today, although I froze. Long response just disappeared. argh.

Connie said...

This a lovely painting, Dale. Don't give up - I KNOW how frustrating it is with all this technology stuff, but please keep painting!

Susie Gregory said...

dale - please keep at it!! - i just passed along the "sunshine award" to you. check out my blog for details!