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12 June 2009


"Friends" Oil on canvas 12X16

I posted the earlier version of this either last fall or winter. Go to the very bottom of this post and work back up. This final (I think) version solves the season puzzle.

Progress 2 Here I raised the viewpoint by adding some sky. Defined the buildings with light and such. I thought I was done (again) and resigned it. But after dinner I looked again and realized that the mountains were in winter. No good. I wanted to suggest that the higher elevations had started showing the autumn color, while it was still predominately green in the valley.
Progress 1 I blocked in some trees, creating the shapes of farm buildings a little way back from the girls.

Initial work.
I thought I was done. I signed it. I showed it. It came back. I decided to see if some changes might improve things.


Dona M said...

Interesting changes, not sure if I like the first or last best, but doesn't matter. The conversation between the cows is most enjoyable.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks Dona. I was struck by their closeness while the others in the herd seemed happier as single entities. This conversation went on for quite a while. Were they discussing the future? The past? Aunt Flo's knee problem?

Jill Berry said...

Great job problem solving till you worked out the kinks. I think the background changes add interest, as does the variation in the foreground grass. Cool Painting!

Melanie Sherman said...

I like the new version. Before it was a nice article. Now, it is a great short story. So much to see and mull over. How long have the people lived on the farm? Are they havesting maple from the trees in the hills? What are the cows thinking? About the leaves turning and winter coming and the possibility of sneaking off to California?

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks Jill and Melanie,
I guess it is possible that they heard about the happy California cows. I had imagined them talking about escaping to Florida!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

you did a great job working this out. As was said, it grew as a 'story'. Love the girls.