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03 July 2009

Apricots Hit Vermont

Oil on canvas 5x7

I guess we all have complaints about weather and climate. Except for those who don't complain or those who live in places like Hawaii. I follow quite a few blogs of artists who live far and wide. I watch what they paint and have to laugh at my situation. The Texans are painting strawberries while our ground is still covered with snow, tomatoes before Denny does the first cut on the lawn, and apricots - everyone seems to have apricots before we do. An Oregon artist, Cathleen Rehfield, did such lovely apricots in June, I was inspired to go grocery shopping.

My mum turned the July 1 "Champlain's Lake"opening at the Boston Public Library into quite the celebration, with great crowds of her friends and our family cruising the show. Thanks Mom and Dad for your lifelong encouragement. :)


Jill Berry said...

Then, did you eat 'em?
Too pretty to eat?
The painting is very nice.
The blue cloth a nice compliment,
made more interesting by the warm highlights in it.
Happy Almost Independence Day

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for your comment! Check in tomorrow to see what happened next...
: )

Art blogs enter the suspense genre! Who knew?

Connie said...

Beautiful brushstrokes and color combinations - great job!

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks Connie. I love those colors.