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19 July 2009


The Fill-In 5x7 Oil
Now you know why I'm not a writer. Hardly a mystery that I ate one of the apricots and then used a peach on this second "apricot" painting. I'm eager to see if this posts okay. Luckily my daughter showed up this weekend and has been my tech support in finding picture manager. Fingers crossed.


Jill Berry said...

looks good, the painting & the post

Laurent said...

Glad your computer are solved

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks Jill. And Laurent! I finally gave up on solving the administrator mystery. I removed the installation CD for the printer and just connected it to the computer. It worked. Thanks for helping.

Connie said...

Hi Dale - I love the brushwork here and very nice design, too. Also love the text!

Melanie Sherman said...

Wow, being a writer is way easier than being a painter. We can eat all the apricots we want and the worst that can happen is we drip juice onto our keyboard. We don't have to substitute a peach to continue writing.

But then, you can "show" color and texture and shadows. We can only "tell" it. Showing is far nicer.