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24 May 2008

Fruit on White

Oil on Board 5"x7" NFS

When making an apple pie, it's a good idea to squeeze a little lemon juice on the apple slices to keep them from turning brown. You see, this is useless information cluttering my brain because I don't make fruit pies. My husband doesn't care for them and they just seem too much (work and calories) for one person.
It was great fun to paint these fruits, however. They are so full of personality!


mrsbenfolds said...

The apple in the middle - with some yellow/green in it - is my favorite. I have an apple with lunch every day, chilled in the fridge, and even having them every day I always forget how delicious they are.

dsb said...

Thank you for commenting. What is your favorite type of apple? I like Macouns, but they are increasingly hard to find. Denny liked the Braeburns for many years, but has veered toward other WA state varieties. I sometimes buy 3 different varieties in order to have a taste test, but then we just eat them without looking at the label, being rather unscientific in our approaches to life. Meanwhile, we have apple trees in our fields that we don't spray so they are for the deer and bears.