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21 May 2008


Half way into it.

Oil on board 8"x10" N/A

Here's the lilac redo that I mentioned 2 days ago. The glove was a challenge, as was the bunch of lilacs, the white cloth, the copper chocolate pot, and the green spurge. The clippers were fun, though. :-) Oh, and the background was also problematic. Originally black, I wiped the flowers and background off completely and redid them. Better, believe me. I was going to show you the first rendition but can't quite manage the technology.


Melanie said...

When I first saw the "halfway through" painting, I though, "Oh, I don't like that very much", then I read the message and scrolled down. I like the finished painting very much. I can nearly smell the lilacs and the clippers look great.

dsb said...

Thanks for your kind words,Melanie. I hope you're not allergic to fragrance.

dsb said...

You know, Melanie, you hit the nail on the head. There are points in the process of making a painting, when I look at the thing and say, "Yuk. This looks awful". So, I re-evaluate composition first. If that's off, it doesn't really matter how fabulous the colors are. Then, depending on how far I am into the work, I look at values-the balance of lights and dark. This is often what needs pushing. How does this compare to writing an essay or a novel?