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17 May 2008

Six Bananaquit

Oil on Board 8"x10" $175 + s/h

We had the good fortune of being invited to Pauli Mar, a vacation home on St. Martin, during the winter last year. These gorgeous little birds flocked to the sugar water feeders in the sea grapes. I took lots of photos and then choreographed my own bird feeding dance in oils. This is the remaining one of the series, the others having found homes.


Anonymous said...

I really like this painting. Very different than most bird paintings. It makes me think of summer in the West Indies, sitting on a porch watching the birds feed with the sound of the surf bleeding through the tropical music. Naturally there is a pina colada at my elbow beside a tube of suntan lotion

dsb said...

Thank you for your comment. Although mine was a rum punch, your description is great. :)