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11 May 2009

Church Street Pond

Oil on Canvas 6X6" SOLD

Vermont, except for along Lake Champlain, tends to be a little dry. A pond here and there. Creeks in the spring. A few rivers. Or maybe it's just this area. But I'm a water lover and enjoyed this location for a little plein air work today. Spring is still waxing. Plenty of barely budded trees yet.
comments appreciated!


Dick Rink said...

You want comments? I'll give you one. It's a very beautiful painting. I especialy like what you did with the water.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

thank you Dick.
The water of course is the challenge and the fun.
Hey, every time I log onto your blog, other web pages pop up selling something or other. Why is that? Makes me nervous about viruses.

Dick Rink said...

That is strange, I don't get those pop-ups. I will look into it, thanks for the tip.

Maybe you could take a look at the work of Rene. He also makes great water reflections.

Caio Fernandes said...

realy good works, i like the moviment of the brushies and the feeling of air in front of the objects, or landscapings .