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27 May 2009


Oil on canvas 5x7 N/A

I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend because my daughter Casey came up. She agreed to sit for a portrait but we got started late and only had an hour before Denny called us to dinner. She was sweet enough to sit again the next day for about 15 minutes before we headed to an art show. I think an hour should be enough time to get a likeness. I didn't manage it here. Wrong proportions. But my focus was on color and value. She seemed way too gray to me when I got any distance away from the painting so in the end I abandoned my piles of premixed paint and gave her some orange. If she ever agrees to sit again (for some reason she didn't rave about how much fun it was), I'll focus on a likeness. : ) Thanks Casey!


Casey said...

Definitely not me, but good try! We didn't have enough time to give you what you needed... :) Looking forward to the NYC opening!

Melanie Sherman said...

Actually, I knew it was Casey when I saw it, but not as pretty as the Casey in person. What I liked most were the earrings. I like those!

Good luck on the NY opening. It is so exciting.

Susie Gregory said...

so hard to get coloring right, let alone the likeness - i think the warmth helped - i'd like to see your next attempt - but way to go!

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks everyone. Encouragement is vital. : )