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08 May 2009

Rocky Road's Chickens

Oil on Canvas 6X8"

On a beautiful afternoon I drove a couple of miles away from the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT and a distant farm caught my eye. Rocky Road. A mile down was not only the farmhouse, barn, herd of deer, llamas, river, and covered bridge, but these three brilliant chickens and a really beckoning chicken coop, made of a trailer with a shack plunked on top. So I painted this with the coop between the hens and the road. It was so cute I had to laugh. I asked another participant what was making the painting too trite. I didn't know if it might be the chickens. She suggested the coop needed to go. Now, I have to rethink my attraction to a scene in the first place. But at least I never considered putting ALL the charming components in right from the start.

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