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29 November 2009

James Brook

James Brook Oil 5x7

Things are going pretty well with Picasa instead of M--ro--ft O--ic-. Except that I don't know how to put more than one image onto a post. Help would be appreciated.

This painting is done from a feeling and memory. When we lived in Groton, MA our back yard was Lawrence Academy's soccer fields. Abutting those is a beautiful marsh and in the middle of the marsh is James Brook. Beside the brook an unused track was converted to a railtrail, which was my gateway to x-c skiing in Phoebe Keyes woods, and my running route.


dacoop said...

Beautiful painting Dale!
I like Picassa too. If I want to load more than one image in a post I click on the image icon under new post each time I want to add an image without going to a new post..I hope that make sense or helps.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

thanks dana.