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27 March 2009

Art Material Solutions for Carry On Baggage

My parents passed two extremely wonderful traits on to me. "Make it work" and "Invent a solution". Sometimes I have more fun thinking about solutions than creating art. For example, when our small flight from Bocas was overweight I came up up with a whole protocol to prevent future overweight flights. Admittedly, no one wants to hear my brilliant ideas. But I have this blog, so if you've logged on, you are about to see my solution to "carry on traveling with art supplies." : )

After trying out the watercolor and pastel idea at home, and hearing that pastels don't like humidity, I scrapped those media.
I tried the acrylics again to see how I felt about them at this point. Scrapped that idea.
Couldn't take oils because of the medium and liquid restrictions. So I decided on my Holbein Duo Aqua oils and Winsor Newton Artisan w/m oils. To solve the drying time issue, I slit some plastic tubing and placed it on the edges of the 6X8 Raymar Art Panels. I was able to fit 6 of those into an old Omaha Steaks carton. I folded up one paper towel for each canvas and stashed those in between. I also included some sheets of Wallis Paper. My folding painting glasses fit in one corner and a kneaded eraser in the other. I did buy some short brushes for the occasion. I used a limited palette as paints had to fit into a quart size baggie along with sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and body cream. I took white, black, raw umber, yellow light, deep yellow, scarlet, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue. Next time I would change that a little. I couldn't quite get the caribbean blue that I wanted. The best thing I found was the little Loew Cornell covered palette. My paints stayed wet for days and days. Of course, so did all my clothes and sneakers, so the climate helped in that regard. At the LoganTSA, they weren't sure about the paints at first, but the swab showed that they weren't explosive, and I was good to go. Tomorrow I'll start posting the results and photos of the little beach studio and the porch studio.

Thanks for stopping by.

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luanne s. said...

Glad we were of help. We are happy with your blog.