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31 March 2009

Dolphin Cottage

Oil on Wallis Paper 6x9

I lost hold of my intention here. I meant to just do a thinned wash as an undercoat for pastel work upon my return to Vermont. Making choices and sticking with them all the way. Something else to work on.
Anyway I loved this location! This was the view from our cabina at Tesoro Escondido in Bocas del Toro. The waves were incredibly loud, a little disturbing in fact, but every day they lost a little height and frequency, to the surfer's chagrin.


Jill Berry said...

I enjoyed seeing your new body of work. This one is especially nice. Seems to carry a feeling of the place with it. I would hate to think you went to Panama and all I got from there was a dot on my feedjit map.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

:) That's funny, because I sometimes feel as if I'm being driven by Feedjit, now. I even asked a friend to log on to my blog while she was in the Riviera!