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01 April 2009

Hammock w/ View

Oil on canvas 6x8
Our last day at Tesoro Escondido, I stood on the porch to paint this as I evaluated the snorkelabilty of the water. My hopes would go up as I kept my eye on the coral beds just past where the waves were breaking. I'd picture myself swimming along above the beds. Then suddenly a wave would break right there and I'd picture a snorkel full of water and scraping my legs against the rocks. So I kept painting.......

Thanks for looking.


Dona M said...

Fun to share your journey here. Thanks for letting us see your view of the beach and water pounding as we begin to feel that sunshine on our backs here in VT.

Jill Berry said...

Dale, I am awarding you the Passion for Painting blog award!
You can pass it on to 5-7 others, and list 5-7 things you love. You cut and paste the award in your blog. Have fun!

luanne s. said...

where is the occupant?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

wise move and a beautiful scene ;)

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thank You, Jill. That was fun.
Luanne, welcome to my blog. Thank you Mary for your comments!