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16 January 2009

Alstromeria in Blizzy's Gift

Oil on Linen 6x6

Really knew better than to start this painting yesterday as it was getting dark. When I came back this morning some of the buds had opened. : ) This glass is part of a set that I have LOVED since my wedding. When my friends gave them to us, they said it was okay to exchange them, knowing my habit. Glad I kept them. They add a warm glow to the table set for guests.


Jill Berry said...

Nice color scheme. Also it appears that you were able to say it with a minimal amount of brushstrokes. Sweet!
My other favorites: On the French Plate, Off Rt 30, My Jan. Garden, Double Dare, and Sunlit Sunkist.
Thanks for checking out my blog.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thank you, Jill.