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07 January 2009

Artist's Block

Becoming bored with my studio avoidance over the past few weeks, I decided to invite some guests. You know how that tends to energize things. Paul Cezanne's Nature Morte, and Edward Potthast's At the Beach were exciting to study and copy. They have helped me get out of my own way. It's color, value, shape, place. Any order.

oil on canvas 5x7


Anonymous said...

You could have a future in forgery. Those are really nice copies. Great exercise. And my favorites remain your own work. I love the shack of your dreams.

dsb said...

Alas, sometimes one's talent resides on a path better not taken. But I found it an instructional exercise. And it was a good Block buster. Would that work for writers? To copy a few paragraphs of someone else's essay? ;)
Or composers?

Thanks for looking/commenting.