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15 January 2009

Not Rosemary

Charcoal Drawing 14x18

It was pretty cold last night, but all the more reason to go to the life drawing session that meets on Wednesday nights. Started and nurtured by the Toraks (check out their blogs) for many years, the event becomes a lifeline when winter is big. So, I'm calling this "Not Rosemary" because it doesn't look like her. And yet, I was pleased with the 22 minute sketch. I think I spent the first 5 minutes just marking the paper with charcoal and immediately wiping it off. Trying not to have an inferiority attack because I was sitting right beside Elizabeth. Finally, I enjoyed listening to the sounds of our pencil and charcoal scratching out their duet.


Dona M said...

Dale..This is a great way to view the body of work including drawings!!! Good work.

Loriann Signori said...

Dale, Beautiful drawing whether it is Rosemary or not. The contrasts between thick and thin lines, and just the right amount (restraint!) is perfect! Loriann

dsb said...

Thanks for your nice comments!