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16 February 2009


Oil on Board 6x6

Sorry to yank you from winter to summer. I had a great day yesterday reworking a few older paintings. This herd belongs to some friends down the road. One morning I was driving past when I noticed they had all escaped. I used my Subaru Forester to herd them across the road and up the driveway to the farm. Actually they escape a lot. One night I woke up to the sound of lowing. Looked out the window to see black and white in the moonlight, dangerously close to the garden. Out I ran to chase them back down the fields. I love Vermont.

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Dona M said...

Beautiful little painting, and moving us into summer or at least spring, I'll take that. Cow neighbors are constantly challenging, one day you must paint them, they are so picturesque, the next you are yelling at them to get out of your organic corn. Life in VT, a dream!