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02 February 2009

Double Dare

Oil on Linen 6x6

Painting every day is one thing. Completing a painting every day another thing. And Posting your painting every day is probably the part that we like the least. Some manage to do it. Some don't. There are many reasons that we start slipping. Should I post this if I'm stockpiling for a show? Should I revisit the whole ebay thing? Etc.
I had such a time photographing my last pears that I thought I'd try again. Dark background, etc. I'm not sure this was more successful, photography-wise. But painting the red pears! They were definitely a double dare.


Loriann Signori said...

You are so right about the difference between painting everyday and finishing a painting everyday. I find that I love to do the "dailies" but I often wonder if they get in the way of my bigger studio works. Then I take a big breath and say to myself, "One feeds the other." When I want to go on and not post a daily painting I will know. What do you think?
As for the delicious little pears... I love the subtle color changes within one value range.

dsb said...

Yes, I'm sure you'll know. And yes, it's all supporting the goal. To improve. I just started a larger painting. What a treat!
Thanks for the comment.