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05 February 2009

Stem Cell Research

Oil on canvas 5x7 n/a

The last of our 2008 Delicata crop. I noticed a little rotten spot near the stem and realized that its modeling days were numbered. When I found this tomato at the store, I bought it more for the stem than anything, although it does look promising, tastewise. In honor of Valentine's Month (what? it's only a day?) I arranged them to create a bit of a heart. See it? Then I turned on my ipod to listen to the Violin Concerto by Philip Glass and something strange happened. Some Glass piece that I've never heard before started playing. It was great, but I can't find it on the ipod and guess I might never hear it again. So, things were going pretty well. Then my order arrived from Dick Blick with some new Michael Graham oils. I got a cad yellow deep and a cad red light which I immediately opened and slammed onto my painting. JUST what it needed.
So far, I love this paint!

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1 comment:

Dona M said...

that is a stem to be painted....and the whole painting has life!!! nice, now I must go check my last delicatas, just used the butternut for soup last night !