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26 February 2009

Any tips?

Nothing to show. I'm going to Central America in a couple of weeks and have been thinking-about-painting-there. Inspired by Loriann Signori, I decided to see if the watercolor/pastel combo would be a good solution to the travel dilemmas. Of course I have no patience so when my effort yesterday did not result in a masterpiece, I dismissed the idea. Last night (when I can't sleep I try to think about painting instead of the economy or other negative land mines) I decided to just take acrylics and be done with it. So, today I laid them out on a paper palette and found some brushes that I thought would work. Wow. It is not so easy to remember how they perform. Mix up a nice purple. Place a stroke on the canvas. Go back to the palette and the rest of it is dry. At one point the brushload dried while I debated exactly where to place it. Now, it's partly due to the woodstove heat, I'm certain. But I'm remembering that I used to lay a thin, wet sponge under the palette paper. Now, I remember I even soaked the palette paper first. I'll give it another try.
And I'll give Loriann's media another try too. Maybe I'll learn something.


Loriann Signori said...

Hi Dale,
Thanks for the mention. As far as painting in Central America, I guess it depends on where you are going, how rough the conditions will be and the weather. I painted in the rainforests of CA and found that acrylics were the best. Constant rain and wet travel were the main issues. Pastel does not like rain. But if you are on the sunny side...:-) Where are you going, you lucky duck?

r garriott said...

Hi Dale,
Hope you have a great adventure in Central America. If you do bring acrylics, they'd probably work out pretty well there if you're in the humid coastal area-- wouldn't dry out as fast. For sketching and ease of travel transportation, you might consider a folding watercolor set.
Thanks for your note on my Tahitian Bouquet, too. All my paintings are oil on stretched canvas with the exception of a couple little watercolors I posted from the past. when I travel, I bring my camera as my sketchbook, but that's just because I'm a slow painter.
Somewhere I saw a sketch artist who uses TomBow markers when traveling... maybe it was Adebanji?

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thank you Loriann and R,
The Caribbean side of Costa Rica and Panama. Yes, I imagine the humidity will be the polar opposite of my VT studio in February so acrylics may be the answer. Is it possible that they'll stay wet overnight?? No way.

Dona M said...

What a good idea, going to the sun when it is gray, dreary and cold. When I travel I usually leave behind any notion of studio painting and get very practical. Tubes of watercolor, gouache in basic colors and pencils, charcoal with small notebook. Look forward to seeing what you do!

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks Dona. I'm reclaiming my tubes of watercolor from my daughter. I'm determined to have fun with less familiar media. Anytime I feel frustrated I'll put on my snorkel and mask and jump in the water. :]

Anonymous said...

Although she never did get to reclaim her tubes of watercolor from her daughter because her daughter is forgetful and her mother forgot to tell her to bring them when she visited! :) Hope you are having a great time in CR and Panama!