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25 June 2010


Dona M 5x7 Oil on Linen panel

A painter friend and I got together for an afternoon of painting and posing. 15 minutes and then switch. My goal with this was to place the features accurately (50% successful - haha) and to apply each brushstroke with no blending (85% successful). Out the window went attention to temperature, color and logic. I think if I'd reversed the colors of her cheeks, it would have made more sense. And the shoulder on the left could use shade. I had to finish it at home because it started raining and I almost wiped it but what the heck. Here it is.


Melanie Sherman said...

That is amazing. I love it. Love the hat and the hair and her expression. Very good job.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Thanks, Melanie. And we weren't bothered by bears, bobcats, or mean people. :)
Check out Melanie's blog, everyone.