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14 June 2010

Keep it Simple

Ovo Trio 5x7 Oil on Double Primed Linen mounted on panel.

In Carol Marine's Workshop, we had just completed some timed exercises in which each brushstroke is carefully laid down where it belongs, all happy in its correct value and saturation and LEFT ALONE.
So what do I choose as a layout to further practice these concepts? Eggs. Not the best idea. I ended up blending a little just so I could call it quits and clean up for the day.


Nina Rochette said...

I think the shadow on the left egg doesn't work quite right. You are brave - I would have been in there with my fan brush. The radishes are SUPER! They make me hungry. How much time did you spend on the radishes?

Love you lots

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

thanks Nina. I agree about the shadow. I didn't get the value right. Or it needs a step between the dark and the lit part.
I can't remember how much time on the radishes (did you mean the bunch?). Maybe 1 hour. maybe 2.

Thanks for an honest crit!