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27 June 2010


Five Cherries 6x6 Oil on Linen panel

It was hard to get started on this one. At first I had about 10 cherries in a silver bowl. When I was done with the painting, I wiped it off and ate a cherry. Then another. Got rid of the bowl. Ate a few more. Finally, I saw the composition I should have done from the start.
Thanks for stopping by and I love to hear your thoughts.


Melanie Sherman said...

Good thing I wasn't there. You'd have had a green background and some stems and pits.

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

But loads more fun and laughs! You're welcome to help me with my composition anytime...
Your room awaits.

Jill Berry said...

fun painting.
great edges,
& color compliments!

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

thanks, Jill. Great to hear from you.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

oooh.. I like that. One of my favorite color harmonies..